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Pete S. Reyna III

Passion + Why = Try


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Mind. Motivation. Fitness.
Dare To Chance
Passion + Why = Try

Having been self employed for over 20 years, I have certainly succeeded, endured, failed, and learned quite a bit in my entrepreneurial journey. Business can be quite complicated at times, but we must remember that the growth in ourselves and in our business usually falls back on our foundational and fundamental development. Very few people are actually overnight sucesses, as where it has taken many others 10 – 20 years to become an overnight success.

Remember this, “If you leave change to chance, then you chance never changing. If you seek change, then Dare To Chance.” Constantly developing your mind, maintaining high level motivation, and ensuring that your fitness is a priority builds upon the very mindset needed to help you achieve success. In order to further remove anxiety, doubt, and fear as your obstacles towards your success; You must follow the Formula for Success; Passion + Why = Try!!! 



with the right mindset

Foundation & Fundamental Development


Constant and Sustainable consumption of mind developing content will change your life. Remember, there is someone out there who will always be smarter than you. We need to try our best daily to get better.


Much like the importance of eating well balanced and healthy meals; it is also true that we must motivate ourselves and our lifestyles on a daily basis. Sometimes, even more than the amount of meals that we are supposed to take in.  Maintaining and positive outlook on a daily basis is a key strategy towards your success.


Fitness of Mind. Fitness of Health. Fitness of Wealth. One of life’s most intriguing challenges. Although I have expanded on fitness by including Mind and Wealth, we all understand that in order to enjoy the fruits of our labor, we must maintain a healthy lifestyle. No matter how motivated, or how strong our mind, if we become unhealthy, we may not recover in time.


Real Work= 
  Real Results.

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Juice for Jayce

Dedicated to raising awareness for 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome while connecting, supporting and offering accurate information for families affected by 22q.

1-0n-1 w/ Pete

1-on-1 Coaching, Accountability, Weekly Conversations, Accountability – Text/Messages, Awareness/Development.


Dominant Pocket Concept – Change the way you network, and build better and longer lasting relationships.

Dare To Chance – audio

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Real Estate

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NMC radio

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Small Business Network

Small Business Websites.




Personal and Professional Development needs to start somewhere. After 20 years of supporting, individuals, professionals, businesses, and community organizations, I have developed a process or adopted a system to continuously improve myself. Awareness is key to understanding where you belong in life. Many people move through life with no plan, no plan of action, and a very small understanding of what their purpose and passions are in life. Its TIME TO GET STARTED!!!

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I have been told many times that I might over share or offer a little confusion. If for some reason that is the case, don’t hesitate to contact, etiher through the form below or you can schedule a time to chat with me. Let’s discuss what you are looking to achieve.

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